Our Principles

In our work and in our interaction with our partners and all the stakeholders of a safer society, we are guided by four principles:


The members of the alliance have a zero backdoor policy and they support the work of regulators against any possible weakening of encryption.


Members of the alliance are committed to developing the use of encryption technologies, but they do understand that the implementation of their technologies can have consequences on the work of law enforcement, and therefore their adoption requires to engage with other stake-holders in this area and provide them with the relevant information that they need to do their work effectively.


Encryption is a complex technique and non-technical decision makers can be easily lost when they try to understand how to best protect their assets and their privacy with encryption. It is therefore of utmost importance that the members of the alliance are committed to simplicity when they explain their solutions to third parties.


The members of Encryption Europe believe that they are stronger together than alone. Stronger to build the reputation of their industry. More credible to develop trust with other stakeholders. More effective to share information, but also listen and learn, so the technologies they develop are used to make a positive impact on our societies.